Radiologists, physicians, and other clinical staff

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CIOs, IT managers, and PACS administrators

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Innovative software companies working in image processing

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Established companies with medical image acquisition, storage, display and sharing products

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Large organizations in medical imaging and other sectors that rely heavily on images

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Powering insight from images

Automatically extract actionable information from medical images to improve efficiency and productivity in healthcare.

Over the past decade, we have worked with leading hospitals and technology providers to deliver automated solutions that help healthcare professionals improve diagnostic confidence and patient outcomes at lower cost.

We provide a single platform for quick access to automated image analysis and processing that can be integrated into existing workflows for image capture, storage, interpretation, viewing and sharing.

Healthcare Professionals


Improve diagnostic confidence and patient outcomes while reducing the cost of care.

Healthcare IT Departments


Manage multiple AI and other processing applications through a fully integrated, single platform.

Alliance Partners

Healthcare Enterprise

Shorten time-to-revenue, reduce cost of customer acquisition and access an installed base of customers via our platform.

Channel Partners


Respond quickly to customer requirements and differentiate against the competition.

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