Alliance Partners

Innovative software companies working in image processing

Integrated into existing imaging systems, Blackford provides a platform that hosts multiple AI and other image processing applications and controls the flow of medical imaging data to and from applications. Your image processing software applications can be can quickly and easily implemented, greatly reducing time from development to revenue.

  • Shorten time-to-revenue
    Quickly and easily implement new algorithms, applications and products into a single platform to greatly reduce time from development to revenue.
  • Access installed base
    Add your solutions to those from our existing partners via our large installed base and receive support from our partners’ sales teams.
  • Validate technology
    Quickly implement and validate new technology, with evaluation supported by a network of luminary sites.
  • Reduce customer acquisition cost and time to market
    With dedicated support from the sales, marketing and technical teams at both Blackford and our partners, you can get your technology to market faster.
  • Access market and technology expertise
    Tap into our experienced team, with comprehensive healthcare market and technology expertise including PACS, DICOM, Viewers, VNA, Image Share and more.

Blackford Platform

The Blackford Platform provides centralized deployment and management of AI and other image processing capabilities across the healthcare enterprise.

Blackford Platform provides fast access to a range of applications from Blackford and its Alliance Partners.

Blackford Applications

Automated Image Registration
Automated registration automatically identifies and maps spatial locations across multiple imaging exams acquired at different times. It creates a new set of alignment data that enables any anatomy or pathology to be rapidly localized and observed across a series of current and previous study series.


Examples of applications available on Blackford Workflow Server include:

  • Intelerad 3D Cursor
  • Blackford Smart Localizer for Philips IntelliSpace PACS Radiology 4.4
  • eRad MagicX

Blackford Partners

How can I host my solution on Blackford’s platform?

Contact us today and we’ll advise how we can host your solution on Blackford’s platform.