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Established companies with medical image acquisition, storage, display and sharing products

Fast, easy access to a range of established and cutting-edge image processing solutions through a single platform, enabling rapid response to changing customer demands and setting you apart in the market. We minimise risk by optimizing use of existing imaging resources and managing multiple products through a single platform.

  • Differentiate in the market
    Set yourself apart from the competition by quickly rolling out new technologies with ease.
  • Respond quickly
    Meet the rapidly changing demands of customers through easy and fast access to established and cutting edge solutions.
  • Access multiple products in a single relationship
    Minimize the risk of impact to your own systems by working with a single platform supported by one company.
  • Optimize use of resources
    We ensure that your existing imaging systems and resources are leveraged properly with full integration for optimal performance.
  • Widen your customer base
    Appeal to broader markets and extend your reach within existing sites by deploying specialist applications that appeal to additional departments.

Blackford Platform

The Blackford Platform provides centralized deployment and management of AI and other image processing capabilities across the healthcare enterprise.

Blackford Platform provides fast access to a range of applications from Blackford and its Alliance Partners.

Blackford Applications

Automated Image Registration
Automated registration automatically identifies and maps spatial locations across multiple imaging exams acquired at different times. It creates a new set of alignment data that enables any anatomy or pathology to be rapidly localized and observed across a series of current and previous study series.


Examples of applications available on Blackford Workflow Server include:

  • Intelerad 3D Cursor
  • Blackford Smart Localizer for Philips IntelliSpace PACS Radiology 4.4
  • eRad MagicX

Blackford Matched Crosshairs
A sophisticated navigation aid for PACS users enabling instantaneous navigation to the same location across all series in compared studies with a single click.

Blackford MatchedView™
Compensate for changes in patient position and acquisition planes between scans by automatically presenting views of compared exams in the same position and plane, enabling like-for-like comparison.

Blackford AutoSync™
Perform slice synchronization across exams automatically, regardless of differences in acquisition protocol and patient positioning, so that you can start reading immediately when compared exams are displayed.

Blackford Fusion™
Accurate anatomical location of functional imaging findings by displaying fused views of exams from the same, hybrid, or complementary modalities.

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