For all clinicians, effective patient communication is a key factor relating to patient satisfaction. Using medical images in your communications with patients can be a powerful tool to help patients feel at ease and included in the decisions being made about their care, and can have a positive effect on compliance with therapy or lifestyle changes.

Clinicians are always on the move and have limited time between patients. And with increasing numbers of images per study and increasing numbers of prior studies, it can be time-consuming and inefficient to scroll through stacks of images from several imaging studies to find the regions with change that you want to discuss with your patients.

The Blackford Analysis productivity software is designed to be integrated directly into your image viewer to save you time and improve your patient communications by allowing instant comparison of multiple studies with a single click, whether you’re in the office or clinic using a PC, or at the bedside using a tablet. Visit our Products section for more information.

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  • Expedites communication of change in images with patients
  • Instantly compare studies with one click
  • Streamline multidisciplinary team meetings
  • View like-for-like key images of serial studies with radiologist reports
  • No need to learn new viewer tools or workflows

Improve communications using images

Not only can you improve your direct communications with patients, but multi-disciplinary team meetings can also be streamlined by enabling instant access to relevant images, ensuring that meeting time is spent focusing on the patient’s needs rather than navigating through studies.

Blackford Analysis products are deeply integrated into your image viewer, meaning you never have to learn new viewer tools or workflows, they simply enhance your existing, familiar image viewer environment, which will automatically provide you with the new functionality.

Case study: Cancer response to therapy

Imaging is essential in evaluating cancer response to therapy. Showing patients baseline and post-therapy images can clearly illustrate whether their current therapy is beneficial, or if a change in therapy is needed.

With Blackford Analysis in your image viewer, presenting change in tumor size or function across exams is simple and fast. Compared exams are immediately synchronized at the same location and size on screen so you can focus on communicating change instead of manipulating the viewer’s user interface to match anatomical locations.


Case study: Spinal fusion

Sharing comparison views of imaging exams before and after surgery with patients can help them understand whether an intervention was successful, or if there were any complications.

Mobile image viewers integrating Blackford Analysis expedite communication of surgical results at the bedside. Views of current and prior studies are always synchronized, and matching anatomical locations are instantly displayed when you click on any view.


How can I get Blackford Analysis in my image viewer?

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