Healthcare Enterprise

The challenges facing the modern healthcare enterprise are myriad. The increasing complexity of systems and the ever-growing volume of data to be analysed by clinicians can have a negative impact on efficiency across the organisation.

Declining reimbursement for imaging and the need to continually improve the quality of patient care requires the enterprise to reduce the time spent on unproductive activities.

The Blackford Analysis productivity software is designed to be seamlessly integrated into your existing systems to save clinician time and improve overall efficiency by allowing instant comparison of medical images with a single click. Visit our Products section for more information.

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  • Improve efficiency
  • Maximise imaging throughput
  • Increase patient satisfaction
  • Enhances existing healthcare imaging IT infrastructure
  • Standards compliant


Increase imaging throughput and patient satisfaction

The faster turnaround times delivered by the Blackford products can help increase overall throughput and help to combat the impact of decreasing reimbursement. It is estimated that, for radiologists alone, implementing Blackford products in the enterprise can save an average of $20,000 per year, per radiologist.

Clinicians can improve their patient communications by accessing instant comparison of multiple studies with a single click, which can have a positive impact on improving patient satisfaction.

The Blackford software is deeply integrated into your existing technology infrastructure, meaning you don’t need to invest in any new systems and your clinical staff don’t even have to learn new viewer tools or workflows, it simply enhances their existing, familiar image viewer environment, which automatically provides them with the new functionality.

In addition, results are stored as standard DICOM objects and can be easily re-used by other systems, future-proofing data should you change healthcare imaging IT system supplier and enabling easy sharing of data with other healthcare providers.

Case study: Lung nodule follow-up

Lung nodules, a common finding in chest CT exams, are routinely followed by serial chest CT where individual nodules are assessed for malignant change. Manually matching nodule location across exams is burdensome due to differences in pulmonary anatomy caused by variance in patient positioning and breath hold.

Image viewers equipped with Blackford Analysis significantly reduce lung nodule location matching time when compared with conventional manual slice synchronization. Preliminary research shows that automatic deformable alignment can reduce location matching time by more than 50% compared to manual slice synchronization.



How can I get Blackford Analysis in my image viewer?

Contact us today and we’ll advice how you can get your viewer to be enhanced with Blackford Analysis’ solutions.