Healthcare IT Departments

CIOs, IT managers and PACS administrators

Blackford provides a single platform for the management of multiple AI and intelligent image processing modules, with a centralised access point for training, support and monitoring of the overall solution. Additional modules can be added quickly and easily, and use of existing resources is optimized.

  • Access multiple applications from one platform
    One platform to manage with multiple AI and intelligent processing modules that deliver specific benefits for radiologists and referring physicians
  • Optimize use of existing resources
    Fully integrated with existing systems to minimize impact and eliminate performance degradation. Management of DICOM interface minimizes impact on PACS.
  • Relax, we’ve got it covered
    Proven through our installations across small, medium and large hospitals and imaging centres, Blackford manage support and service of the overall solution.
  • Centralize access
    Once installed and configured, additional modules can be added quickly and easily, ensuring that training and support is only required for one system.
  • Streamline financial processes
    With a single platform to manage, there is no need to manage multiple purchase orders, as additional options can be added to your existing contract.

Blackford Platform

Blackford Workflow Server provides centralized deployment and management of AI and intelligent image processing capabilities across the healthcare enterprise. The integrated, image-processing platform can be easily managed by an IT department to provide clinical staff with study comparison tools, visualization applications, and clinical workflow tools.

Blackford Workflow Server provides fast access to a range of modules from Blackford and its Alliance Partners.

Blackford Modules

Automated Image Registration
Automated registration automatically identifies and maps spatial locations across multiple imaging exams acquired at different times. It creates a new set of alignment data that enables any anatomy or pathology to be rapidly localized and observed across a series of current and previous study series.


Examples of modules available on Blackford Workflow Server include:

  • Intelerad 3D Cursor
  • Blackford Smart Localizer for Philips IntelliSpace PACS Radiology 4.4
  • eRad MagicX

Blackford Partners

How can I get Blackford in my PACS?

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