Adding value to your customers, differentiating your offering, keeping development costs down… Sound familiar? These are just some of concerns keeping providers of diagnostic imaging systems up at night.

Blackford Analysis offers all manufacturers of PACS and universal viewers the opportunity to seamlessly offer automatic registration capabilities in their product offerings. The complexity associated with developing such capabilities internally cannot be underestimated. Why develop your own solution to this challenge, when Blackford Analysis has already done the hard work?

  • Access automatic registration technology
  • Differentiate your image viewer from the competition
  • Offer your customers different feature options to maintain revenue
  • Benefit from expert one-to-one support
  • Save time and effort on internal development

Seamless integration = market differentiation

Providing your customers with the ability to instantly compare the same locations in multiple current and prior studies is made possible by several different routes as outlined in our Products section.

To ensure a smooth implementation, Blackford’s expert technical team works directly with your development team, providing you with the peace of mind that comes from knowing we are with you every step of the way.


Custom solutions & consultancy

In addition to providing cutting-edge registration products, we also offer bespoke consulting services that leverage our patented registration algorithms for areas outside of diagnostic imaging.

We work with a number of companies outside diagnostic imaging on helping them deliver enhanced outcomes and better products. Our core technology is well-suited to the rigorous demands of other areas of medical imaging across the healthcare enterprise, including areas like ophthalmology and orthopaedics. An example of this is our long-standing product development engagement with Optos.

Other projects such as our 3-year consulting project for the engineering giant Rolls Royce, demonstrate that our automated image analysis capabilities can be extended into different sectors as well as the broad range of capabilities for Blackford’s product delivery team.

Blackford’s consulting division is more than capable of the kinds of bespoke development required to deliver solutions in a broad range of imaging applications.

Contact us today to discuss your specific requirements.