Blackford Smart Localizer

Maximize radiologist productivity while addressing the need to enhance clinical quality.

The Blackford Smart Localizer integrates directly into your existing Philips IntelliSpace 4.4 PACS user interface and enables immediate comparison of multiple imaging studies with a single click. Training is practically unnecessary as the Smart Localizer tool is logically integrated into the Philips drop-down menu and study registration occurs prior to study reading, without requiring user input.

Referring physicians can also benefit from this intuitive tool as an adjunct to static key images when viewing studies with comparisons.

The Smart Localizer comprises two components:

  • Workflow Server software that performs automatic volume registration of CT, MR and PET/CT studies prior to radiologist review. The registration results are stored as DICOM Secondary Capture and Raw Data Storage objects on the PACS.
  • A localizer tool that allows users to instantly navigate to the same anatomical location across current and all relevant prior studies, or series in the same study, that are in different Frames of Reference. The tool is accessed via a mouse-and-keyboard shortcut in ISP Clients.

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How can I get Blackford Analysis in my image viewer?

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