Blackford Workflow Server

Dramatically faster deployment via Enterprise pre-processing server

The Blackford Workflow Server streamlines deployment of our pre-processing technology into a hospital IT framework, unlocking faster turnaround times and greater productivity for the radiology department.

Key elements of the Blackford Workflow Server:

  • Pre-processes studies automatically on acquisition
  • Removes the need for PACS back-end engineering
  • Is 100% DICOM compliant and produces non-proprietary DICOM objects
  • Carries FDA 510k clearance

The Workflow Server analyzes images at the time they are captured before they are opened for reading. With Blackford’s advanced registration algorithms, it automatically maps them to relevant prior studies and shares this registration data with PACS for permanent storage. This design ensures that registration information is available to the radiologist the second they open an exam for interpretation and any subsequent time they need to return to the exam.

Blackford Workflow Server is a DICOM compliant, enterprise IT image processing platform that seamlessly integrates into imaging workflow by providing advanced imaging registration to multiple PACS, archive and clinical IT systems. It ensures radiologists and clinical staff has access to the imaging studies and advanced imaging registration information when needed, via the systems and processes they use every day.

Blackford Analysis understands that IT resources are scarce, so IT simplicity is a key design consideration. Blackford Technology uses:

  • Commodity hardware: The Blackford Workflow Server runs on commodity servers, which can be physical or virtualized. The complex registration algorithms are written efficiently – no GPU processors are required.
  • Standard Communication Protocols: Blackford Workflow Server communicates using familiar, standard DICOM

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How can I get Blackford Analysis in my image viewer?

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