Ever-increasing workload combined with dramatic reimbursement changes are driving the development of methods that help clinicians gain value from medical images more efficiently. The brightest hope is artificial intelligence, fueled by advances in deep learning / convolutional neural networks.

While the big vendors have made significant investments (Watson Health, GE Healthcare, Siemens etc.) and the usual academic groups are well represented, there is considerable activity at the smaller end of the scale.

In preparation for the SIIM Conference on Machine Intelligence in Medical Imaging event in Alexandria, 12th -13th September we pulled together a list of the various start-ups working on machine learning solutions for medical imaging. It was surprising to see how many more have come out of stealth mode since RSNA last year – how many more are waiting in the wings?

Start-ups performing Machine Intelligence in Medical Imaging (alphabetical):
• Advenio
• Arterys
• Bay Labs
• Behold AI
• Blackford Analysis
• Butterfly Network
• CureMetrix
• Enlitic
• HealthMyne
• Imagia
• Imagen Technologies
• Lunit
• MedyMatch
• MetaMind (now part of Salesforce)
• Mindshare Medical
• Qmetrics Technologies
• RSIP Vision
• SemanticMD
• Sigtuple
• VisExcell
• Vuno
• Zebra Medical Vision

Although we have various machine learning elements in our products, our main development effort is focused on the Blackford Workflow Server, a platform that hosts multiple vendor solutions and integrates them into clinical workflows.

We aim to be the bridge between these exciting start-ups, data stored in legacy systems and the clinician. If your company is working in this space and we’re not already talking, please get in touch!

The original platform was part of our Radiology registration product, but it is already being used in Ophthalmology to host other analysis workflows. As such we’re well versed in the challenges of taking novel algorithmic methods and integrating them into real clinical use – and how to solve them.

Download our White Paper to learn how about Blackford approach to deploying AI applications:

Download the White Paper