For the past few years, we’ve talked extensively about the benefits of using a platform approach to provide radiologists with access to a range of medical imaging applications. A centralized platform methodology simplifies the selection, deployment and maintenance of any application that resides on the platform. This approach has significant benefits when compared to the long, costly and complex process of selecting and implementing one software solution at a time.

But there is one question that many radiology organizations have when it comes to a platform approach – what applications can we access on that platform?
In a new whitepaper, we introduce the concept of the curated marketplace – a library of applications that have been comprehensively vetted before being made available on the platform. The vetting process covers regulatory clearances, software and hardware validation, technical and end-user support, interoperability, privacy and security issues.
A curated marketplace relieves the healthcare organization from the responsibility of the vetting process, saving time and money, and enables radiologists to more confidently and quickly build a toolbox of imaging applications by choosing from a number of vetted solutions.
Featuring comments and perspective from William Moore, MD, Chief of Thoracic Imaging and Clinical Director of Radiology Information Technology at New York University, and Stephen Willis, CTO of Canopy Partners, our new whitepaper covers the main benefits of a platform approach and why a curated marketplace is an essential component of this.
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