The healthcare industry is constantly evolving, with many new medical imaging applications being introduced every year. However, healthcare professionals need access to a range of flexible, up-to-date applications that can be deployed quickly and easily at any given time, but the complexity of deploying one application at a time generally means that this doesn’t happen.

A single centralized platform for multiple imaging applications and AI algorithms takes a different approach. It simplifies the process of selecting, implementing, and maintaining applications while reducing costs and workload levels.

A centralized platform offers flexibility and a seamless onboarding process. Choosing a new application is no longer associated with high risk and uncertainty – staff can quickly and easily add additional applications when needed. This is especially beneficial when software is superseded, and you need to obtain a new or updated application.

There is no need to work with multiple application suppliers, so purchase risk is significantly reduced by having only one vendor to deal with. Applications can also be tested in their actual environment prior to purchase, enabling valuable hands-on experience and considerably decreasing the risk normally associated with such a purchase.

The risk is reduced even more through a curated marketplace approach where strict vetting criteria ensure only the most relevant applications are offered on the platform. This saves you considerable time spent on testing which application would suit you the best. Obtaining the most appropriate application also allows you to make better informed decisions and improve diagnostic confidence.

A centralized platform represents a solution for many issues facing hospitals and imaging centers today. It saves time, money, and allows you to focus on what really matters – improving patient care.

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