New eBook shows how to simplify the deployment and management of imaging applications.

The medical imaging applications landscape continues to dramatically evolve and expand. New applications are being introduced with increasing frequency, with many incorporating the latest artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms.

Medical imaging software applications have historically been purchased and implemented one at a time – typically a long, drawn-out, and painstaking process involving a diverse cross-functional team. For every new application, this time-consuming acquisition cycle of activities has to be repeated, severely limiting the number of new applications that can reasonably be adopted by an organization.

But there is a better way.

By adopting a platform approach, hospitals and imaging centers can assess the value of new medical imaging applications while significantly reducing costs and risks associated with their deployment and ongoing management.

In our new eBook, Adopting a Platform Strategy, we explore the challenges that healthcare organizations face when it comes to deploying and managing modern applications, and how a platform approach provides a solution. We also explore the value of a “curated marketplace” of pre-vetted applications, as well as looking at the implications of a platform approach to the various stakeholders in the ecosystem, including:

  • Healthcare IT departments
  • Radiologists
  • Referring and subspecialty physicians
  • Healthcare administrators
  • Application developers

Filled with perspective from clinicians and imaging technology experts, our eBook is available now as a free download.

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