Including new updates from the worlds of AI and 3D printing in healthcare. 

The focus on AI healthcare remains a key topic on everyone’s agenda, and last month was no exception. A new report emerged, providing a roadmap for translational research on artificial intelligence in medical imaging. The report’s authors suggest that the application of AI can impact the entire radiology process and that radiologists should take the lead in identifying the most important areas for AI development. The report identifies and prioritizes initiatives for accelerating research in AI for medical imaging.

While there is a lot of hype around AI, there is plenty of unrealistic expectation for the technology and what it actually means for healthcare. With this in mind, a senior healthcare IT executive at the HIMSS Machine Learning & AI event debunked several myths around AI in healthcare, addressing a range of points, including fears that clinicians will be replaced by the technology or that it will make them less human.

In other news, the imminent arrival of the new CPT codes for medical 3D printed anatomical models was also a hot topic. In the first of a two-part blog series, we spoke to our partner axial3D about the new codes and their significance, following that up with a second blog focused on the importance of patient data collection and what needs to be done to support the codes’ transition into Category 1 CPT codes.

Stay tuned for more industry news next month!