In the second part of this blog series, we looked at the essential role of the curated marketplace in a platform strategy, and how it enables radiology organizations to more confidently and quickly build their toolbox of imaging applications by choosing from a number of vetted solutions.

In the final part, we examine the benefits of this approach from the perspective of two key departments, the Healthcare IT Department and the Radiology Department.

The Healthcare IT Perspective

Typically, when a radiology department starts a project to implement a new imaging application, they have an initial kick-off meeting. The radiologists describe what they want, write out a bill of particulars to see if they can build or modify a system to meet the requests, and determine a timeline. From the original concept to deployment, this process can take months or even years.

It takes a long time to create and test the systems, along with installing the connections between software systems and make sure they’re communicating properly. And it takes time to solve unanticipated problems that arise during the implementation.

Integrating a platform once with a healthcare organization’s PACS, VNA, or other clinical IT system is significantly easier and faster than integrating each new software application separately.

A platform provides the ability to simultaneously use multiple applications from multiple vendors, seamlessly integrated into existing systems. If an end-user decides they require a given piece of software, they can simply enable this on the platform without the significant implementation overheads.

With healthcare IT in a constant state of change and with limited resources, a curated marketplace enables organizations to benefit from leading-edge applications while minimizing IT support needs.

The Radiologists’ Perspective

It is not just the IT department that suffers through long procurement and installation projects. Delayed deployment into the clinical arena can potentially lead to lost financial, clinical, and operational opportunities.

With a curated marketplace users know preferred applications have been vetted, are robust, and will work from the outset to deliver standardized results, increasing departmental efficiency and productivity.

The curated marketplace also simplifies the ability of organizations of any size to stay on top of the latest technologies, while minimizing financial and operational risks. As clinical needs evolve, new applications and algorithms can be seamlessly adopted and integrated into existing workflows. Workflows can be automated to enable new information to be delivered to the radiologist at the point of care.

Using a platform should allow the radiologists to have a seamless experience reading cases and getting through their work in a timely manner, and not waiting for cases to download or get pulled from another location.

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