Ever-increasing workload puts an immense amount of pressure on radiologists. This escalates even further as more complex multi-slice studies involve checking of dozens or even hundreds of images to locate findings.

Patients with these results are usually suffering from long-term conditions such as multiple sclerosis or cancer which require regular screenings. Radiologists then have to assess the results across multiple time points (if available) to monitor disease progression.

Aligning images across multiple timepoints manually is challenging and time-consuming, Blackford’s technology enables radiologists to do this automatically. Advanced mathematical algorithms enable an instant comparison of multiple medical imaging studies with a single click. Using Blackford Smart Localizer® can boost radiologists’ efficiency by 10 – 20 %1 when reading comparison studies, for more complex exams like lung nodule comparisons this can increase to 50 %2.

“Blackford’s technology adds value by allowing me to more confidently assess if a disease is getting better or worse over time.”

Edward P. Quigley III, MD, PhD, University of Utah Health Sciences Center

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2 Barish et al. “PACS-Integrated automatic deformable registration reduces lung nodule matching time in serial chest CT.” SIIM 2014.