How PACS and other imaging providers’ products can benefit from rapid access to a curated marketplace of image processing solutions

The hype around AI and its impact on healthcare, and radiology in particular, continues to grow. As a result, it is becoming increasingly important for vendors who provide medical image acquisition, storage, display and sharing products, to be able to reassure their customers that their systems are ready for the widespread rollout of AI solutions.

When it comes to new clinical applications, healthcare organizations’ purchasing decisions are generally driven by tools that improve clinical value for referring physicians, and have a clear and compelling return on investment. But these criteria are met by only a tiny fraction of the healthcare AI products currently on the market or under development.

While it is, of course, possible for an imaging provider to find, evaluate, negotiate contracts and integrate solutions themselves – it is a time-consuming, costly process. Even after the contract is signed, they still require regulatory integration, sales training, standardization of marketing materials and site-by-site deployment and configuration.

So how, then, do PACS vendors and other providers of medical imaging systems ensure that they are able to offer the best new applications to their customers?

A platform approach

Integrating an application platform that offers a curated marketplace takes away the pain and cost associated with enabling AI applications in PACS. By integrating a single platform into their imaging system and deploying just once, vendors are able to provide fast and easy access to all the AI tools and applications their customers might need.

A curated marketplace brings together a carefully selected collection of clinical applications with established pricing and ROI models, and appropriate regulatory clearances in place. All are in use in real clinical environments, and unlock tangible value for the radiology practice, enabling them to differentiate their offering for referring clinicians. From the curated marketplace, healthcare organizations can pick and choose the optimal combination of tools for their practice, evaluate, and modify their selection as their needs evolve over time.

When AI really takes off, any medical imaging system integrated with a platform that uses a curated marketplace will be ready to roll with a range of pre-vetted applications designed to fit the needs of clinicians from day one.

Using a simple revenue share model, the Blackford Platform is available through a single channel-friendly reseller agreement.

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