Adopting a platform approach for the deployment of new medical imaging applications and AI algorithms provides an opportunity to quickly assess the value of new medical imaging applications whilst significantly reducing time, costs and risks associated with implementation.

The essential function of a platform strategy is the provision of a centralized means to access and manage multiple applications using a single technology framework.
A platform strategy:

  • Simplifies the application selection and implementation process for every stakeholder involved.
  • Enables applications to be quickly implemented, allowing groups of users to add new applications, with a minimal amount of financial, operational, and technical risk.
  • Manages data flow between the applications on the platform and the client’s clinical systems.
  • Ensures that the right data and images are sent to the right applications and results are returned to the right locations at the right time.

Adopting a platform strategy means that organizations only deal with all those operational and technical challenges once, rather than each time a new application needs to be implemented. This is because the platform offers a single interface to a healthcare provider’s infrastructure and the platform provider manages all of the application-specific demands behind the scenes.

Once interoperability and interfacing between the platform and the healthcare provider’s infrastructure are in place, the platform provider handles all required security, applications control, data flow, and other specific requirements within the platform ecosystem. Application-specific needs are worked out in advance during the process of validating applications and are all managed by the platform provider. This effectively eliminates the need for the healthcare provider to manage and maintain multiple applications.

A platform strategy offers a number of unique benefits:

  • Simplified infrastructure requirements
  • Shortened implementation times
  • Reduced IT support resource requirements
  • Removal of barriers to technology adoption
  • Streamlined procurement process

Adopting a platform strategy offers hospitals and imaging centers instant access to the most up-to-date imaging applications and AI algorithms. Flexibility is key – if an application becomes irrelevant or outdated, organizations can quickly switch to the newer version.
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