Artificial intelligence in radiology – it’s well hyped, but it’s here now and it’s here to stay.

But what is the status of AI in radiology today, and where is it going next? What are the financial and ROI implications? How will it impact on other clinical systems? What demand will it place on IT resources?

There are few better placed to address these concerns than the PACSMan himself – Michael J Cannavo – a 30 year veteran of the radiology technology marketplace. In his own words, “My extensive experience has been used by hundreds of hospitals and radiology groups nationwide in evaluating image management requirements and proposing workable, cost-effective phased implementation plans for PACS, VNA’s and related technologies.”

In our next webinar, Michael joins forces with our CEO, Ben Panter to give you the insight you need on AI and its implications for radiology departments. Together, they will shine a light on the costs associated with AI, explore different approaches to its implementation, and how it can be used to drive new revenue.

Got questions about AI? Click below to watch the webinar recording:

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