The ultimate value of utilizing a platform approach to deploy AI and specialty applications in medical imaging is defined by the breadth and quality of the applications that are available. An imaging platform should offer access to a marketplace of applications that address the full range of needs of a radiology department and its referring physicians.

A “curated” marketplace takes the approach a step further, providing comprehensive vetting of applications, including regulatory clearances, software and hardware validation, technical and end-user support, interoperability, privacy and security issues. This relieves the healthcare organization from the responsibility of the vetting process, which now lies with the platform provider, saving both time and money, and enables the organization to more confidently and quickly build its toolbox of imaging applications.

“Why would I do 12 different experiments to find out which one works best? That’s a concept that could paralyze me from starting. Actively managing and vetting the options ensures that key interoperability criteria are met, and ensures that product implementation, training, and customer support are standardized and delivered properly.”
Stephen Willis, CTO, Canopy Partners

The applications in a curated marketplace are vetted by the marketplace provider according to strict criteria that are important to users, such as:

  • Confirmation of commercial viability
  • Achievement of regulatory clearances
  • Assessment and validation of interoperability criteria
  • Standardization and documentation of product implementation, training, and support
  • Assessment and documentation of compliance with privacy and security requirements

In a curated marketplace, quality is valued over quantity. As all the solutions available on the platform are subject to the same vetting process, the platform provider is able to address potential technical, clinical, workflow and deployment issues arising during the purchasing process that would have otherwise been overlooked.

A curated marketplace provides hospitals and imaging centers with a tenable way to determine which AI algorithm or software application to use, with assurances that it will work as stated, is properly tested, has local regulatory clearance, and will be fully supported. This is particularly important for AI-powered software applications, where there is still significant confusion about which applications are available for research only and which are available for clinical use.

“The quality of any AI-powered software solution is dictated by the quality of the initial input data. Having regulatory clearance in a local market is a critical affirmation of the statistical validation of the training data and affirmation that a solution is ready for clinical use.”
Alison Laws, CEO, Resonance Health.

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