Blackford Partner MaxQ AI is transforming healthcare by empowering physicians to provide “smarter care” with AI-powered clinical insights. Its AI-powered software aspires to enable physicians to make faster, more accurate decisions when diagnosing stroke, traumatic brain injury and other serious conditions.

The company’s ACCIPIO® solution uses AI to assess non-contrast head CT images for intracranial hemorrhage (ICH) identification, prioritization, and slice-level annotation. We spoke to Chris Schnee, SVP, Commercial Operations at MaxQ AI to find out a bit more about the company.

Blackford: What is your mission?

Chris Schnee:

MaxQ AI is at the forefront of Medical Diagnostic Artificial Intelligence (AI). Our mission is to help meaningfully reduce misdiagnosis and healthcare costs by making artificial intelligence intrinsic to the diagnostic process for time-sensitive and life-threatening conditions.

Blackford: How do you deliver clinical value to your customers?

Chris Schnee:  Our products utilize deep learning technologies to analyze medical imaging data including non-contrast head CT image. Our Accipio solutions integrate into a comprehensive, seamless, and secure workflow to augment acute care teams with deep clinical insight and actionable data in minutes.

Blackford: What sets you apart from everyone else?

Chris Schnee: ACCIPIO® is a comprehensive workflow solution for ICH, stroke, and head trauma, not just another algorithm looking for a nail. We provide identification, slice-level annotation and, in the future, diagnostic rule-out. Comprehensive, seamless, and secure. Clinicians and radiologists in acute care settings need answers, not more analysis. That’s why we’ve integrated AbsoluteZero™ with all our solutions: Zero clicks to Accipio results. Zero need to leave workflow. Zero stored PHI. Zero change to original series. No on-site IT integration required.

Blackford: Why partner with Blackford?

Chris Schnee: Our partnership with Blackford will expand access to our innovative AI-powered ICH, stroke, and head trauma solutions to radiologists and care providers worldwide, who trust Blackford as a valued partner to deliver quality solutions. We view this as a powerful collaboration that will bridge the technology divide to enable more and more hospitals and healthcare organizations to seamlessly integrate our Accipio platform.

Blackford: Tell us a fun fact about your company?

Chris Schnee: MaxQ is an aeronautic term that means ‘maximum pressure’, which is typically the point where rocket failure will occur. Today’s healthcare system is this breaking point with an urgent need for solutions that will open capacity and relieve the pressure of in-creased patient volume, decreased revenue, and fewer care providers. Instead of more data and analysis, adding to the decision-making burden, care providers need solutions that provide answers while seamlessly integrating into their current workflow.

MaxQ AI’s platform of medical diagnostic AI solutions do just that, which holds great promise for healthcare through significant quality, clinical, and economic advancement in the empowerment of the talented care providers having to make the “minutes matter” call. Lives will be changed, both for patients and care providers alike.

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