The new whitepaper explores what’s holding back AI deployment in radiology and how to use it to drive value.

The number of companies developing AI technologies for radiology applications is increasing rapidly. In terms of industry maturity, medical imaging and diagnostics are identified as one of only a handful that score highly, both in terms of AI industry adoption and market strength.

There has been a massive amount of investment in developing AI technology and there is a fantastic opportunity to use it to drive healthcare value from the radiology department, but AI has yet to be deployed at scale. Why?

A key challenge facing the AI market in radiology is the mixed and confusing messaging put forward by developers of AI technologies, who primarily direct their messages towards radiologists, while the hospitals are the ones who usually buy and integrate AI. Couple this with a lack of clarity around return on investment (ROI) and the considerable cost of deployment, and you create the perfect conditions for market hesitancy.

In our new whitepaper, Unlocking the Value of AI in Radiology, we look at the key ROI factors and cost considerations that can help build an understanding of how value can be generated from AI in radiology.

The whitepaper is available today as a free download.

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