While imaging procedure volumes dropped during the COVID-19 outbreak, the need for those procedures did not go away. As healthcare focus returns to routine treatment and postponed studies are rescheduled, radiology will need to deliver against an unprecedented surge in demand.

AI applications can play an important role in helping imaging facilities cope with this surge in imaging. However, the problem remains of how to deploy such solutions in a timely, efficient manner. Deploying multiple new applications into current radiology workflow at one time is a daunting prospect for radiology, IT, and clinical teams. Add in the potential of staff shortages, increased uncertainty, and financial constraints and the likelihood of overstretching these teams is increased.

Taking a platform approach allows sites to deliver multiple imaging AI solutions from diverse vendors with vastly reduced effort. The dramatically tighter deployment timescales available by consolidated contracting, IT, and deployment through a platform mean that tools can be in place to deal with the surge when they are most required, rather than after the event.

The marketplace of AI applications is dynamic, and as new products emerge and are refined, a platform approach allows a site to rapidly integrate and assess new technologies, retaining the flexibility to modify their portfolio of solutions.

Our SIIM 2020 presentation examined how a platform approach can rapidly accelerate the addition of AI applications. We explained how this best fits within specific radiology and IT infrastructure and provided a checklist for fast efficient deployment of AI applications.

Speakers: Ben Panter (CEO, Blackford), Chris Airriess (CEO, CorTechs Labs), Dirk Smeets (CTO, Icometrix), Ajit Shankaranarayanan (COO, Subtle Medical), and Susan Wood (CEO, VIDA).

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