Here’s the latest instalment in our news updates from Blackford Platform Partners.

In October, AI-powered breast health solution provider Densitas posted an interesting blog on the importance of resuming breast screening during COVID-19. With a significant drop in screenings this year, the piece highlights the potential long-term impact on cancer deaths and how AI can help address the screening backlog.

Medical 3D printing specialist Axial3D sponsored and presented at events, including Surgical Island, Future Surgery Virtual and Formlabs User Summit, where the company’s CEO was joined by orthopaedic surgeon Andrew Bowey to share his experience of medical 3D printing and how it helps elevate patient care. The company also announced a new partnership with Feedback plc to enable front-line clinicians to request Axial3D image renderings from within the Bleepa platform. Finally, Axial3D published an interview with NUTH spinal surgeon Alistair Irwin about how 3D printing supported him in a lifesaving surgery.

Medical diagnostic provider MaxQ AI published a new interview with Dr. Ajay Choudhri of Capital Health System, focused on improving the workflow for head trauma and stroke care patients. During the interview, Dr. Choudhri shares his experience with Accipio Ix for suspected positive ICH triage and prioritization.

Imaging AI specialist icometrix announced that its FDA-cleared icobrain software now includes Deep Learning for MRI. The company also announced it has been nominated for the EIT Digital Challenge 2020 final – a contest for Deep Tech scaleups fuelling Europe’s digital transformation. Finally, icometrix also participated in NueroRAD 2020, the 55th Annual Conference of the German Society for Neuroradiology.

Lung analysis firm VIDA was recognized as the top start-up in the imaging category out of 242 companies at MDI Ventures’ Healthcare Top Startups Summit. The company’s president and CEO Susan Wood, was interviewed about VIDA’s work and vision during the event, and was also featured on the Leading with Health podcast, discussing how healthcare technology can help address inequities in lung disease.

And finally, musculoskeletal AI solutions developer Image Biopsy Lab published a study in the renowned journal Osteoarthritis and Cartilage on the accuracy of its KOALA product for detecting knee osteoarthritis. The results showed a standardized measurement of the joints with the AI-solution outperforms the previous gold standard, enabling clinicians and researchers to better discriminate and track radiographic changes in the joint.

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