ClearRead CT and ClearRead Xray improve the detection of lung diseases and other clinical conditions.

Edinburgh, UK & Miamisburg, OH – November 13, 2020 – Blackford, the centralized medical imaging platform, today announced that Riverain Technologies’ leading ClearRead CT and ClearRead Xray solutions are now available on Blackford Platform.

Developed by Riverain Technologies, the FDA-cleared AI software tools improve the detection of lung disease and other clinical conditions via bone-suppressed X-ray images and vessel-suppressed CT series that remove challenging structures, making disease more visible and easier to identify.

Fully integrated with existing systems, Blackford Platform simplifies implementing and managing of multiple imaging applications and AI algorithms and reduces load on PACS. New applications can easily be added to the image-processing platform, reducing implementation time, costs, and long-term maintenance.

“The Blackford AI Imaging Platform offers a curated marketplace of regulatory cleared medical image analysis applications and AI algorithms that add clinical value on one platform,” said Steve Worrell, CEO, Riverain. “It allows users to enjoy all the benefits the ClearRead solutions offer in an environment that provides efficient workflow pertaining to navigating our content, as well as the ability to streamline these results for reporting purposes.”

About Riverain Technologies
Dedicated to the early detection of lung disease, Riverain believes the opportunities for machine learning and software solutions in healthcare are at an unprecedented level. Never before has the opportunity to ‘do more with less’ been so great. We believe that these software tools incorporate an increasing degree of intelligence that will facilitate decision making which leads to greater efficiency and effectiveness in patient outcomes. Riverain Technologies is excited to be part of the advances in machine learning and scalability of technology that will bring efficiency and accuracy to physicians and, ultimately, improved patient care. For more information, please visit

About Blackford
Blackford provides a single platform to quickly access and manage a curated marketplace of regulatory approved medical image analysis applications and AI algorithms that add clinical value. Easily integrated into existing workflows, the platform provides actionable information that allows healthcare providers to use imaging information smartly and reduce the cost of care, while improving diagnostic confidence and patient outcomes. Founded in 2010, and with operations in the United Kingdom and the United States, Blackford Analysis is backed by TRI Cap, Old College Capital, and Archangel Investors, one of the UK’s leading business angel syndicates.