Here at Blackford, we are focused on giving radiologists the ability to do more with their valuable time. The applications and AI tools on our platform can save time and improve results by enabling radiologists to read faster.

Blackford delivers real-world clinical value to the radiologist and referring clinician, combining our knowledge and understanding of the people our applications serve with the value they deliver. Our unique curated marketplace and vetting process ensures only the best applications are aggregated on our platform, carefully selected to drive better patient outcomes by helping improve the diagnosis, treatment and follow-up of patients.

Our platform enables the effective selection and management of a wide range of imaging applications and AI, categorized by modality, body area and use case, and grouped into useful bundles designed for specific environments. For each application, radiologists can also access useful scientific evidence, regulatory information, PHI requirements and image data requirements.

And we do all this without expecting radiologists to change their tried-and-tested workflows. All applications on our platform are optimized to augment and deliver results within existing workflows, viewers and worklists. By improving radiologist efficiency, we help radiology departments drive increased volume from their capital investment, while also giving them the ability to extend their referral base and defend referral decisions.

Beyond efficiency, Blackford gives healthcare organizations the ability to analyze their existing case mix and identify new opportunities in their referrer base. Based on the case mix, we can suggest suites of applications for consideration and develop customized business cases that will deliver more value.

We can also help radiology groups drive volume growth by making them a differentiator for referrers. The applications and AI tools on our platform can drive ROI for referring physicians through quantitative reporting and radiology triage.

Finally, Blackford also helps radiology departments increase volume with work that wouldn’t have otherwise come to them. Some of the applications and AI tools on our platform can replace or augment high-risk/cost procedures from elsewhere in the hospital, reducing overall costs and risks, and improving the patient experience.

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