Here at Blackford, we help healthcare IT organizations save time on the management, deployment, support and service of multiple imaging applications and AI, via a single, independent platform.

Proven through our extensive installations at hospitals and imaging centers, our platform delivers significant efficiencies across the healthcare enterprise by enabling the reproduceable and effective implementation of new technologies. We ensure minimal impact to existing systems and eliminate performance degradation. Once installed and configured, additional applications can be added quickly and easily, ensuring that training and support is only required for one system, while management of DICOM images minimizes the impact on PACS.

We don’t have any other agenda or competing priorities. Our sole focus is the agnostic delivery of multiple applications that deliver genuine clinical and operational benefits to healthcare organizations via a single, dedicated platform. Use it to access cutting edge imaging and AI tools, while ensuring minimal impact to existing systems and eliminating performance degradation.

At Blackford, we believe all applications should be viewed natively in the existing PACS workstation and we work closely with both our PACS and applications partners to achieve that. Our technical experience, combined with our deep knowledge of departmental data flow, gives us the expertise to deliver applications within existing workflow and systems.

We also believe in the value of forming long-term partnerships. By working with a single vendor and a single platform for their imaging applications and AI, healthcare organizations can eliminates the cost and complexity of supporting solutions from multiple vendors. And we create strong links between application developers and healthcare organizations to deliver technology that delivers value over the long-term.

Finally, we give healthcare organizations the ability to monitor the utilization of applications on our platform. This provides the insight needed to understand their effectiveness, evaluate performance and, ultimately, to determine their value and ROI.

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