Rayvolve detects all types of fractures from X-rays in under a second.

Edinburgh, UK & Paris, FRANCE – November 27, 2020 – Blackford, the platform for medical imaging applications and AI, today announced that the Rayvolve AI tool is now available on Blackford Platform.

Developed by AZmed, Rayvolve is a computer-aided diagnosis tool based on artificial intelligence that detects all types of fractures on X-rays. The tool helps radiologists and emergency physicians save time when interpreting exams and reduces the risk of diagnostic errors. A clinical study showed that Rayvolve significantly reduces errors by 20.6% and saves time by 36%. This frees up clinician time to allow them to focus on more complex diagnoses and improve the quality of care.

Blackford’s single dedicated platform transforms the deployment, orchestration, management and support of multiple imaging applications and AI tools. All applications on the platform are optimized to augment and deliver results within existing workflows, viewers and worklists.

“We have chosen to partner with Blackford for their long experience in this field and for the expertise they have developed as a provider of innovative solutions for leading hospitals. said Julien Vidal, CEO, AZmed. “The integration of our solution within the Blackford platform allows us to offer a complete offer to healthcare institutions interested in innovation.”

About AZmed

AZmed was founded in order to improve working conditions for doctors. We develop solutions based on artificial intelligence to optimize their workflow, enhance their performance and improve the quality of care. Our mission is to put the doctor-patient relationship at the core of concerns. AZmed is the leading company in its category in Europe, providing a full partnership experience across its product and related services. For more information, please visit www.azmed.co

About Blackford
Blackford delivers a dedicated platform and service for the effective selection, deployment, orchestration and use of best-in-class medical imaging applications and AI. As the most mature and widely deployed dedicated platform provider in the industry, the company is exclusively focused on helping healthcare providers identify and integrate medical imaging applications and AI that benefit their practice. Founded in 2010, and with operations in the United Kingdom and the United States, Blackford Analysis is backed by TRI Cap, Old College Capital, and Archangel Investors. www.blackfordanalysis.com