Blackford Partner AZmed develops AI-powered solutions designed to put the doctor-patient relationship at the core of concerns. AZmed is the leading company in its category in Europe, providing a full partnership experience across its product and related services.

Now available on Blackford Platform, Rayvolve is a computer-aided diagnosis tool based on artificial intelligence that detects all types of fractures on X-rays. The tool helps radiologists and emergency physicians save time when interpreting exams and reduces the risk of diagnostic errors.

We spoke to Julien Vidal, CEO, AZmed to find out a bit more about the company.

Blackford: What is your mission?

Julien Vidal: AZmed was founded with the aim of improving working conditions for doctors. We develop solutions to optimize their workflow, enhance their performance and contribute to improve the quality of patient care.

Blackford: Tell us about your products.

Julien Vidal: Rayvolve is a computer-aided diagnosis tool automating fracture detection on X-rays. A clinical study showed that Rayvolve significantly reduces errors by 20.6% and saves time by 36%. This frees up clinician time to allow them to focus on more complex diagnoses and improve the quality of care.

Blackford: What sets you apart from everyone else?

Julien Vidal: AZmed positions itself as a global player in artificial intelligence. Fracture detection is a first axis of development, among others that we are developing today. We provide a personalized algorithm for each specific center as well as full accompanied services.

Blackford: Why partner with Blackford?

Julien Vidal: The main challenge to propose AI solutions in the healthcare sector is to perfectly know the physicians users and the economic context and the functioning of the different healthcare institutions. We have chosen to partner with Blackford for their long experience in this field and for the expertise they have developed as a provider of innovative solutions for leading hospitals. The integration of our solution within the Blackford platform allows us to offer a complete offer to healthcare institutions interested in innovation.

Blackford: Tell us a fun fact about your company.

Julien Vidal: We are a multicultural and dedicated team, operating in the heart of Paris in a welcoming and comfortable workspace. This atmosphere of openness, communication and trust allows us to create a dynamic conducive to pushing all limits.

We want to realize a work with a positive impact on society and this vision is also supported by an important associative commitment. Each member of our team is involved in an association and can therefore share their expertise and develop their skills, particularly in terms of adaptability, agility and entrepreneurial spirit.