With a traditional software purchase model, significant scrutiny is required to ensure the application works as advertised and meets the unique clinical and workflow requirements of the organization. This scrutiny takes time and money and lengthens the entire purchase process. However, there is a better way – a platform strategy.

Choosing and implementing imaging applications is time-consuming for radiologists and other clinical staff who have to integrate them into their daily workflow and existing applications. If they don’t work as expected, it can be an expensive and inefficient undertaking.

“I want to know that I’m not getting a random program from someone coding in their garage. It has to have appropriate regulatory clearance (if needed) and have meaningful clinical testing behind it if I’m going to purchase it. I don’t want to be the guinea pig testing out new software.”
– William Moore, MD, Chief of Thoracic Imaging at NYU and Clinical Director of Radiology Information Technology

Using a platform with a curated marketplace provides radiologists with faster access to the applications they need, and also gives them the ability to try new applications without having to commit to long-term and expensive license fee up front whilst still allowing multi-year deals that offer economies of scale. The flexibility inherent in a platform strategy enables them to easily turn new applications on or off, or switch to a different application altogether.

“It’s much better to have all of these solutions available, and they can choose the most appropriate application that meets their needs at that time.”
– Alison Laws, CEO, Resonance Health

A platform also makes things easier for the radiologist by not adding more hardware or tool sets.

“Physicians are not excited about using more tool sets. They want everything integrated within the systems they use such as PACS, whatever they’re using most often. Clinicians are bombarded with new technologies to do their jobs. If behind the scenes you can utilize several different programs, but as far as the user is concerned, it all feels like one platform, you’ll get a much higher adoption rate on the clinical side.”
– Steven Willis, CTO, Canopy Partners

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