In our first blog in this series, we introduced you to the wide range of AI applications available on Blackford Platform that can play a role in pediatric care. Today, we’d like to focus on how children’s hospitals can use AI to address the specific goal of efficiency.

Our pediatric solutions enable effective workflow optimization that helps improve radiology utilization and efficiency, while providing an enhanced patient experience, helping minimize invasive procedures and reducing overall departmental general anesthesia time.

Blackford’s pediatric solutions includes clinical applications designed to increase MRI and PET utilization. This provides improved image quality at reduced dose and means less time under general anesthetic for your pediatric patients.

The solutions also provide access to applications that allow for conversion of invasive procedures to imaging investigations resulting in improved surgical planning and reduced time in the OR.

Relevant Pediatric Applications

Some examples of Blackford’s applications with particular relevance in improving pediatric radiology efficiency include:

  • Axial3D, which provides access to 3D printing technology for improved surgical planning and to reduce multi-team disciplinary discussions.
  • SubtleMR, which can reduce MR scan time by 30-40% while maintaining image quality by denoising or increasing image sharpness.
  • SubtlePET, which can reduce PET scan times from a typical 25+ minute scan down to about 6 minutes.
  • FerriSmart, which can replace liver biopsy with a non-invasive MRI procedure that can be used on any 1.5T MRI scanner to improve scanner scheduling and workflow, and gives you results in minutes versus days.
  • Hepa-Fat AI, which provides a non-invasive MRI-based solution for measuring the volume fraction of fat in liver tissue in minutes, versus sending biopsy to lab or MRI scan for external analysis which could take days for results.
  • Image Biopsy Lab Panda, which takes less than 5 seconds to determine pediatric bone age. Measurement of hand radiographs for assessing bone age is tedious taking up to 9 minutes.

Blackford is the only provider to offer all of the above applications (and many more) on a single platform. When used together, departments can improve MRI and PET utilization, while increasing departmental efficiency and improving the overall pediatric patient experience.

To find out more about Blackford’s pediatric solutions, check out our new whitepaper, and learn how AI can help improve overall pediatric patient and family experience, while reducing risk of complications

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