We’ve recently brought you insight into how taking a platform approach to AI can deliver benefits to pediatric radiology environments in terms of both efficiency and quality. In our final post in this series, we take a look at how AI can play a role in helping children’s hospitals become recognized as world class centers of excellence and innovation.

AI offers a unique opportunity for research oriented radiology departments to improve diagnosis accuracy through greater anatomic detail. Some of the latest AI applications enable increased modality throughput and improved scheduling, while providing innovative methods to improve clinical outcomes and patient care. AI can help radiology departments to leverage their data to become more efficient to reduce systematic waste and inefficiency, and ultimately reduce excess days spent in hospital.

Relevant Pediatric Applications

Blackford Platform provides access to AI solutions that enable non-invasive procedures for liver iron concentration, sickle cell anemia, Thalassemia, transfusion dependent anemias, Myelodysplastic Syndromes and Hemochromatosis.

Some examples of applications on Blackford Platform with particular relevance in this area include:

  • SubtleMR, which can reduce MR scan time by 30% with for brain and lumbar spine studies, while maintaining image quality and using denoise to increase image sharpness.
  • SubtlePET, which improves the image quality of low count PET scans, and applies denoising to improve the image quality from scans conducted in 1/4th the original scan time, while maintaining clinically diagnostic image quality equivalent to the ground truth image.
  • FerriSmart, which allows liver biopsy to be replaced with a non-invasive MRI procedure that improves patient experience and provides results in minutes versus days.
  • HepaFat AI, which is a non-invasive procedure replacement for VLFF steatosis scoring that could reduce the volume of biopsies required, as fibrosis is associated with higher steatosis levels.

Blackford is the only platform with SubtleMR, SubtlePET, FerriSmart and Axial3D applications, which, when used together, will improve utilization and efficiency as well as improving overall patient experience.

To find out more about Blackford’s pediatric solutions, check out our new whitepaper, and learn how AI can help improve overall pediatric patient and family experience, while reducing risk of complications.


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