Here’s the latest instalment in our news updates from Blackford Platform Partners.

Here’s the latest instalment in our news updates from Blackford Platform Partners.

Medical imaging enhancement specialist Subtle Medical announced a new webinar with Experts from Mount Sinai Health System and East River Medical Imaging will discuss the key AI workflow tools needed to enable faster, safer, and smarter medical imaging. Subtle also encourages delegates stop by and say hello at company’s booth at HIMSS 2022 this month.

The CEO of imaging AI specialist icometrix published an article on how Digital Health Technology solutions can play an important role in the changing Alzheimer’s care landscape. In addition, an educational podcast featuring the company provides a journey through the history of MRI, right from its invention to current advances.

icometrix also published several papers, including this editorial on recent advances in the field of neuroimaging biomarkers that are driving the achievement of precision medicine. One paper co-authored by the company advocates for an early introduction of high-efficacy DMT to reduce the risk of future clinical disability in MS, while another compares multiple biomarkers in terms of their value to discriminate Alzheimer’s from healthy controls and analyzes their age dependency.

Medical AI provider InferVision has moved to establish a US-based support organization and also began the FDA submissions process for a number of new AI-based applications.

Computer aided diagnostics company AZmed participated in a podcast episode on AI in Sports, which explains how the company’s AI tools can help doctors during the winter skiing season.

And finally, lung disease detection AI company Riverain Technologies announced it had received the rigorous MDR certification for all of its products, reinforcing the company’s commitment to the highest standards of compliance and performance.

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