Over the past decade, we’ve delivered innovative solutions that help healthcare professionals add clinical value, improve diagnostic confidence and patient outcomes – all at a lower cost. We work with leading hospitals and ground-breaking technology providers around the world.

Blackford® was spun-out from the University of Edinburgh in 2010 by CEO Ben Panter. Our continued growth has been accelerated by investment from Archangel Investors (Archangels), TRI Cap, Scottish Enterprise and Old College Capital.

A winning platform-based approach

Blackford’s initial product focused on enabling instant comparison of multiple medical image studies with a single click. Through experience, we developed a better way to adopt and deploy imaging technologies using a platform-based approach. Our new method streamlines the technology adoption process for other solutions.

Today, our single platform helps healthcare professionals worldwide quickly access and manage medical image analysis applications and AI algorithms that add clinical value.

Integrated, easy and economical

Easily integrated into existing workflows, our unique platform provides actionable information that allows healthcare providers to use imaging information smartly and reduce the cost of care while improving diagnostic confidence and patient outcomes. Results and reports are delivered seamlessly to where they are needed in existing systems.

We partner with technology providers to ensure multiple imaging applications and AI algorithms can be quickly deployed on the Blackford Platform.

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