Veye Lung Nodules is an AI-based solution for pulmonary nodule management on chest CT scans. Developed by Aidence, it detects, measures, classifies, and tracks the growth of pulmonary nodules as small as 3 mm. The solution is CE-marked as a class IIb medical device under the new EU Medical Device Regulation and can be used as a second or concurrent reader.



Delivers analysis directly into the radiology workflow, as part of the original PACS study.


Independently validated by radiologists at the University of Edinburgh, the deep-learning technology has been trained on over 45,000 chest CT scans.

Improved Outcomes

Delivers fast results, lowering the risk of misdiagnosis, and by detecting and segmenting possible early-stage lung cancer.


Automates simpler, cumbersome tasks of nodule detection, quantification and growth assessment.


Veye Lung Nodules features

  • Automated.
    Automatically detects solid and sub-solid nodules between 3mm and 30mm in size.
  • Quantified.
    Captures nodule diameters (long axis, perpendicular short axis, and average axial diameter) and volume (3mm, per-slice segmentation and 3D visualization).
  • Growth assessment.
    Captures both growth percentage and volume doubling time (VDT).
  • Classification.
    Identifies and classifies both solid and sub-solid nodules.


““Veye Lung Nodules really comes at the right time for us. It is an assistant that helps us handle the amount of work without compromising on accuracy. It is also there to reassure us that early lung cancers aren’t missed. For us, it makes it possible to deal with the growing amount of scans.””

Dr. Caroline McCann, Chest Radiologist at Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital (NHS Trust Foundation) and Lung Health Check Lead for Knowsley and Halton

““[Working with Veye Lung Nodules is] like having a high-quality trainee review each and every scan before you do.” ”

Dr. James Shambrook, Consultant Cardiothoracic Radiologist at University Hospital Southampton and Radiology Lead for the Southampton Targeted Lung Health Check

““We use Veye Lung Nodules as a concurrent reader to optimise and speed up the radiology workflow in our hospital. Veye Lung Nodules automatically delivers detailed reports for nodule management. This enables our radiologists to provide relevant information to the different stakeholders throughout the care pathway, from the pulmonary physician, the oncologist, and the laboratory technician.” ”

Dr. Thomas Jongsma, Radiologist at Tergooi

““The software [Veye Lung Nodules] is assisting us with the detection and follow-up of potential lung metastases on CT. It provides objective volumetric analysis of lung nodules and can assess changes over time. This helps us to be more accurate and efficient in reporting follow-up scans.” ”

Dr. Laurens Topff, Radiologist at The Netherlands Cancer Institute