ASPECTS, which stands for “Alberta Stroke Program Early CT Score” is a topographic scoring system used to quantify the severity of a stroke from a CT scan of the brain. CINA ASPECTS automatically processes non-contrast CT scans and calculates the ASPECT score, assisting the radiologist within their existing systems and workflow.


Improve quality of care

Improves accuracy and time to treatment for better outcomes in acute ischemic stroke cases.

Save time

Reduce stress and manage increased workload more efficiently with fully automated analysis and alerting within existing workflow.

Improve reproducibility

Generate consistent ASPECT scores, which often vary depending on the radiologist reading the scan.

Easy reading

Simple side-by-side comparison can improve ASPECT reading performance of less experienced readers.


  • Both sides
    Automatically generates ASPECT scores for both sides of the brain.
  • Heat map
    Automatically creates a heat map indicating the probability of hypodensity and/or sulcal effacement in the brain.
  • Highlighted areas
    Outlines and displays infarcted regions and provides a reoriented and resliced NCCT to easily compare the right and left hemisphere.
  • Summarized results
    Generates a chart with mean Hounsfield Unit (HU) per region, ASPECT score for both sides, and a template of the ASPECTS regions as a reminder.


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