Using a combination of deep learning and machine learning technologies, CINA Head automatically detects and prioritizes both intracranial hemorrhage (ICH) and large vessel occlusion (LVO) cases from CT-scan imaging.


Improve quality of care

Identify and prioritize the most urgent neurovascular emergency cases, and reduce the risk of misdiagnosis.

Reduce data overload

Accurate alerting and reduced false-positive detection help reduce notification overload.

Seamless operation

Fully integrated into PACS and image viewers.

Save time

Reduce stress and manage increased workload more efficiently with fully automated analysis and alerting.

  • ICH triage
    – Automatically identify intracranial hemorrhage on non-contrast CT Head studies for suspected traumatic brain injury or hemorrhagic stroke.
    – Detects all types of ICH (SAH, SDH, IPH, IVH, EDH) to a high level of performance.
  • LVO triage
    – Automatically detect large vessel occlusion on CT angiography for patients with ischemic stroke.
    – Detects large vessel occlusion in the distal internal carotid artery, M1 and M2 segments.
  • Simple output
    – Results delivered in a single slice.

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