By streamlining access to medical 3D printing, our partner application Axial3D offers greater insight into complex anatomical relationships. Preoperative planning reduces surgery times, diminishes the risk of infection to patients, and significantly cuts costs.


Enhance anatomical insight

Complex anatomical relationships like small bone fragments and fracture lines can be better understood using 3D anatomical models that provide deeper insight into the pathology.

Increase patient satisfaction

Seeing and interacting with models of their anatomy increases patient understanding and satisfaction. It improves communication, understanding and cooperation and can deter legal claims.

Save time in surgery

Preoperative planning, trialing and simulation saves considerable time in surgery. On average, Axial3D’s customers save 30 minutes to 1 hour. Some report saving over 5 hours.

Reduce risks to patients

Less time in theatre reduces risk of infections that can cause serious complications requiring surgical and prolonged medical treatment.

Added value for healthcare providers

Used as part of a comprehensive care pathway for complex injuries, 3D printing can facilitate procedural efficiency, improve treatment outcomes, and reduce downstream re-intervention costs.

Achieve significant savings

3D printed models can reduce theatre and recovery time as well as reduce or totally remove intervention rates, resulting in significant cost savings in the care pathway.


  • Medical 3D Print Request Module
    Provides instant secure data transfer to Axial3D’s Medical Printing Team, a managed account for service users, and web and mobile-enabled medical 3D visualization and annotation tools.
  • Managed service for 3D printed models
    Provides 3D printing of 1:1 scale replicas of patient’s anatomy with transparent and fixed pricing, smooth service roll-out and high clinician engagement across many surgical specialties.
  • Service Flexibility
    Axial3D supports a range of onsite/off-site 3D printing service solutions, with 3D printed models being dispatched in as little as 48 hours. All anatomical regions are printable, with advanced medical image segmentation of CT and MRI available in as little as 24 hours.

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“Having a tangible scale piece of anatomy provides huge insight into the pathology. With the additional insight, we changed the standard treatment indicated by the CT scans (a 4-hour complex osteotomy) to a simple, much less invasive 30-minute soft tissue procedure.”

Mr Michael Eames, NHS Consultant Orthopedic Surgeon, Founder Orthoderm