Bialogics delivers deep insights into end-to-end imaging operations, enabling targeted optimization of workflow efficiency, quality, IT management, enabling AI and ML applications. Utilizing emtelliPro’s deep learning-based NLP technology, Bialogics identifies, extracts, and correlates data from orders and reports and AI analysis to unlock clinical and operational insights hidden within discrete and narrative data elements.



Advanced understanding of medical language using NLP and deep learning technologies.


Summarize and sort diagnoses from clinical reports by dictionary, diagnosis, diagnostic category, report date, and report type or segment.


Extract and codify medical entities using standard and custom ontologies.


Supports radiology, cardiology, oncology and pediatric patients.


  • Automate.
    Process all types of medical text with high precision and recall, aided by deep learning models that parse and understand the often-confusing text of medical imaging reports.
  • Compare.
    Delivers concordance reporting comparing AI performance against radiology reporting.
  • Comprehensive.
    Supports multiple ontologies (SNOMED, RadLex, LOINC, ICD-10) for full analysis and comparative results.
  • Search.
    Intelligently search for diagnoses within a single patient’s chart or from an entire patient population of EMR records.


“Sick Kids, an academic pediatric hospital in Toronto, Ontario, turned 20 years of radiology reporting into a single structured data repository of over 2.5 million reports. ”

The Hospital for Sick Children Ontario, Canada

“The ability to intelligently search millions of unstructured reports in real-time enables our researchers to quickly identify clinical cohorts and decreases the time and cost of research initiatives.”

Tim O’Connell MD, President Emtelligent Solutions Inc

“The convergence of imaging data with knowledge extracted from diagnostic reports using Natural Language Processing provides a new level of clinical intelligence and support for better patient care.”

Jeff Vachon, President, Bialogics