Fast and easy to use, automated image registration increases radiologist efficiency by 10-20%, and up to 50% for more challenging exams. It allows radiologists to quickly locate and compare an increased number of findings and model new measurements based on past exams, resulting in better reporting.


Save time and boost efficiency

With automated image registration, radiologists see a 10–20%[1] gain in efficiency, and up to a 50%[2] increase for particularly challenging exams.

Find prior measurements more efficiently

Radiologists can efficiently locate and compare striking findings from past exams to model new measurements.

Enhance the quality of reporting and care

Radiologists can navigate to registered prior imaging exams in a single click, allowing them to easily compare more imaging time points and gain an enhanced view of disease progression for better reporting.

Reduce Repetitive Strain Injuries (RSI)

Significantly reduces scrolling time and strain.

Remove additional scrolling

Removing scrolling for radiologists frees up valuable time to evaluate, compare and interpret images.

Use easily and intuitively

Integrated into the PACS user interface, automated image registration occurs automatically and requires no training. Immediate comparison of multiple imaging studies is possible in just one click.



  • Identifies exams for comparison studies
    Automatically determines relevant earlier exams for comparison studies and looks for any previous registrations.
  • Performs volumetric registration
    Automatically implements volumetric registration of new exams relevant to prior exams and stores results as new series.
  • Adds a new localizer tool to PACS user interface
    Blackford Smart Localizer can be used as soon as exams are opened, and all processing is completed by the Blackford Platform™ before reading.
  • Automates volume registration
    Volume registration of current and prior imaging studies is conveniently automated.
  • Overcomes differences between studies
    Negates the variances that typically exist between comparison studies that have been performed on different modalities and different vendors.
  • Effective comparison
    Effective for comparison of multiple exams such as lung nodules or multiple lesions.
  • Single-click navigation
    Instantly able to navigate to the same location across exams, modalities as well as different frames of reference – in one click.
  • Multi-modality, multiple anatomies
    Currently supports 80% of cross-sectional exams based on CMS data, including CT, MR and PET/CT exams and modalities for the head, chest, spine and body.


[1] Erickson et al. “Effect of automated image registration on radiologist interpretation.” Journal of Digital Imaging. 2007 Jun; 20(2):105-13.

[2] Barish et al. “PACS-Integrated automatic deformable registration reduces lung nodule matching time in serial chest CT.” SIIM 2014.

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“Using Blackford Smart Localizer has drastically improved my efficiency in interpreting Lung Cancer Screening exams. ”

Robert J French, MD. Lahey Hospital and Medical Center