BoneView is an AI solution that improves diagnostic accuracy and quality of care by reducing missed fractures by 30%. Developed by Gleamer, BoneView covers the largest anatomical and pathological scope on X-ray trauma exams, with clinical studies showing that the AI findings helped to improve both reader sensitivity and specificity. Fully integrated in existing X-ray reading workflow, BoneView pushes secondary images into PACS with the AI findings as well as a summary table to give the reader a quick overview on the exam.



Reduce the reading time required for trauma X-rays.


Improve the quality of care regarding trauma exams, reducing missed fractures by 30%.


Largest anatomical and pathological scope on X-ray trauma exams.

Cost Effective

Reduce patient recalls and legal claims relating to missed fractures.


BoneView features

  • Integrated.
    Fully integrated in existing reading workflows, BoneView is a plug & play solution (the algorithm generalizes on new datasets).
  • Proven.
    High level of performance: 97.8% Sensitivity / 88% Specificity / 99.5% NPV (based on 4,774 natural dataset exams)
  • Broad.
    Detects fractures, effusions, dislocations and bone lesions on the extremities, pelvis, T/L spine and rib cage.


“In a context in which exam workload is getting higher, AI allows us to reduce human errors: perception, satisfaction of search, side biases...” ”

Romain Malezieux, Radiologist (France)

“Radiologists must manage their workflow in a constrained environment. By securing diagnosis and limiting the number of undescribed fractures, BoneView is a precious tool in everyday work and a shield against potential litigation procedures.”

Jean-Claude Le Van An, Radiologist (France)

“BoneView integrates seamlessly into our daily workflow. Our working comfort was improved by this automatic and instantaneous second reading. BoneView enables us to save time and improve patient care.”

Aurelien Lambert, Radiologist (France)