Cercare Medical* develops AI-powered imaging solutions that provide unparalleled decision support to radiology professionals. Fully automated and designed to improve clinical workflow, Cercare Medical’s CE-approved portfolio consists of AI-powered solutions allowing for fast brain tissue viability analysis in neurological disorders such as oncology, dementia, and stroke.



CERCARE Perfusion: Fast

Supports clinical workflow by fully automating image postprocessing

CERCARE Perfusion: Reliable

Compatible with most major scanner manufacturers

CERCARE Perfusion: Simple

Delivers informative and easy to interpret maps

CERCARE Stroke: Efficient

Generates an overview of suspected stroke lesions location and volumes to support stroke assessment

CERCARE Stroke: Transparent

Provides easy-to-read perfusion maps for deeper insight into brain tissue status

CERCARE Stroke: Fast

Enables fully-automated postprocessing for improved workflow

CERCARE Perfusion is a fully automated solution that allows to save time while providing perfusion maps of unparalleled quality for brain CT and MRI. Using a tested model that combines physiological knowledge with precision technology for estimating imaging biomarkers, CERCARE Perfusion delivers state-of-the-art maps of brain tissue viability:

• Zero-click postprocessing
Automated postprocessing does not require user intervention enabling image standardization.

• Unparalleled quality
Accurate representation of microvascular flow results in high-quality perfusion maps.

• Additional biomarkers
Unique tissue oxygenation maps provide an invaluable insight into brain tissue status.


CERCARE Stroke helps stroke teams beat the clock with AI-powered decision support for stroke CT and MRI. The fully automated solution identifies and quantifies potential stroke lesions based on previous stroke cases, enabling faster treatment decisions and better patient outcomes:

• Stroke lesions identification and quantification. Powered by AI.

• Zero-click postprocessing for faster stroke workflow.

• Additional biomarkers of brain tissue oxygenation for deeper insights into stroke dynamics.


*CE Marked, not available for sale in the United States

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