LesionQuant™ is a module within NeuroQuant® that combines T2 FLAIR with 3D T1 MR images to enhance the ability to identify and monitor the number and progression of brain lesions. Accurately visualizing lesions and lesion volume change enables delivering an efficient, objective assessment of disease activity, so the best course of treatment can be determined more quickly.


LesionQuant: Effective evaluation

Allows effortless evaluation of lesions, lesion evolution, and regional and global brain structure volumes

LesionQuant: Quantitative data

Provides quantitative numbers to support the physician’s clinical impression. Quantitative measurements aids in treatment planning, monitoring disease progression, and treatment success

LesionQuant: Global assessment

Combines brain volume and lesion data to aid the assessment, prognoses and clinical courses for a patient


  • Quantifies neurodegenerative disease
    FDA cleared for volumetric MRI processing of 3D T1 and T2 FLAIR images. Used by medical professionals to support visual interpretations by quantifying lesions and brain volumes to assess demyelinating neurodegenerative disease.
  • Automatic image segmentation
    Automatically segments MR images, calculates lesion burden and provides volumes, counts, and colour-coded DICOM overlays of all, new, and enlarging lesions.
  • Volumetric analysis
    Provides volumetric measurements of brain structures and compares the volumes to a normative database adjusted for age, gender and intracranial volume, helping physicians evaluate patients from 3 to 100 years old.