NeuroQuant® provides volumetric measurements of brain structures and compares the volumes to a normative database adjusted for age, gender, and intracranial volume. It replaces time-consuming manual processes with leading-edge automated technology that accelerates analyses, allowing to spend more time focusing on patients.


NeuroQuant: Objective assessment

Provides reliable and reproducible quantitative data to help clinicians assess patients’ prognoses and clinical courses

NeuroQuant: Effective assessment of neurodegeneration

Helps clinicians identify and assess neurodegeneration in its earliest stages, aiding treatment and lifestyle planning for patients

NeuroQuant: Longitudinal review

Performs ongoing multi-time point evaluations to assess brain structure volume changes over time, within the same report


  • Automatic image segmentation
    First FDA-cleared software for volumetric MRI processing. Uses automatic image segmentation from MR images to support medical professionals in quantifying atrophy and assessing neurodegenerative diseases.
  • Volumetric analysis
    Volumetric measurements of brain structures and compares the volumes to age and gender-matched healthy patients in the NeuroQuant normative database. Over a hundred thousand clinical cases have used this software.
  • Personalized segmentation
    Provides personalized segmentation vs. one-size-fits-all for more accurate and consistent brain segmentation in all patients (ages 3-100) and greater scan-to-scan precision for longitudinal follow-up.


“In the same way I don’t get in my car without turning on the GPS, I do not read any brain scans without turning on NeuroQuant.”

Kirk Welker, MD, Neuroradiologist at Mayo Clinic

“NeuroQuant allows Neuroradiologists to quantify localized brain atrophy in minutes and compare to a large database of normal controls, which was previously not possible in a routine clinical setting. ”

Sunil K. Ram, MD, Neuroradiologist at Scottsdale Medical Imaging