A fully automated segmentation application on the Blackford Platform™ that enables clinicians to evaluate brain structure volume changes relevant to neurodegenerative disease. NeuroQuant® and LesionQuant™ analyses provide clinicians with accurate and reliable brain structure volumes and normative percentiles to help diagnose and monitor disease progression and treatment outcomes in patients with neurodegenerative disorders. CT CoPilot® improves radiologist efficiency, measurement accuracy, and clinical confidence by automatically generating consistent views of head CT exams.


NeuroQuant: Objective assessment

Provides reliable and reproducible quantitative data to help clinicians assess patients’ prognoses and clinical courses

NeuroQuant: Effective assessment of neurodegeneration

Helps clinicians identify and assess neurodegeneration in its earliest stages, aiding treatment and lifestyle planning for patients

NeuroQuant: Longitudinal review

Performs ongoing multi-time point evaluations to assess brain structure volume changes over time, within the same report

LesionQuant: Effective evaluation

Allows effortless evaluation of lesions, lesion evolution, and regional and global brain structure volumes

LesionQuant: Quantitative data

Provides quantitative numbers to support the physician’s clinical impression. Quantitative measurements aids in treatment planning, monitoring disease progression, and treatment success

LesionQuant: Global assessment

Combines brain volume and lesion data to aid the assessment, prognoses and clinical courses for a patient

CT CoPilot: Consistent views

Generates aligned reformatted images for standardized viewing of exams without modifying workflow

CT CoPilot: Improved conspicuity

Easier to spot changes between exams, enabling a faster, more confident read

CT CoPilot: Enhanced experience

Leverages machine learning to provide objective and reliable quantitative metrics



  • Automatic image segmentation
    First FDA-cleared software for volumetric MRI processing. Uses automatic image segmentation from MR images to support medical professionals in quantifying atrophy and assessing neurodegenerative diseases.
  • Volumetric analysis
    Volumetric measurements of brain structures and compares the volumes to age and gender-matched healthy patients in the NeuroQuant normative database. Over a hundred thousand clinical cases have used this software.
  • Personalized segmentation
    Provides personalized segmentation vs. one-size-fits-all for more accurate and consistent brain segmentation in all patients (ages 3-100) and greater scan-to-scan precision for longitudinal follow-up.


  • Quantifies neurodegenerative disease
    FDA cleared for volumetric MRI processing of 3D T1 and T2 FLAIR images. Used by medical professionals to support visual interpretations by quantifying lesions and brain volumes to assess demyelinating neurodegenerative disease.
  • Automatic image segmentation
    Automatically segments MR images, calculates lesion burden and provides volumes, counts, and color-coded DICOM overlays of all, new, and enlarging lesions.
  • Volumetric analysis
    Provides volumetric measurements of brain structures and compares the volumes to a normative database adjusted for age, gender and intracranial volume, helping physicians evaluate patients from 3 to 100 years old.

CT CoPilot

  • Registration and reformatting
    Automatically registers head CT images to a proprietary atlas and generates aligned reformats for standard viewing.
  • Current and prior
    Co-registers current and prior exams and generates a subtraction series.
  • Accurate measurements
    Quantifies lateral ventricle and intracranial volume and provides a midline shift index.

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“In the same way I don’t get in my car without turning on the GPS, I do not read any brain scans without turning on NeuroQuant.”

Kirk Welker, MD, Neuroradiologist at Mayo Clinic

“NeuroQuant allows Neuroradiologists to quantify localized brain atrophy in minutes and compare to a large database of normal controls, which was previously not possible in a routine clinical setting. ”

Sunil K. Ram, MD, Neuroradiologist at Scottsdale Medical Imaging

“CT CoPilot quickly and automatically provides correctly aligned images, which enables me to read head CT scans faster and more confidently. It has increased my productivity and has become indispensable in my interpretation of head CTs.”

Nikdokht Farid, MD, Board-Certified Neuroradiologist, UCSD