Densitas densityai™ from Densitas delivers patient-specific breast-density imaging fingerprints for tailored patient management and sustainable healthcare service delivery. Powered by AI technology, densitas densityai™ supports breast imaging radiologists and provides on-demand actionable insights that improve the appropriateness of care to support sustainable healthcare service delivery and improved outcomes.


Increased efficiency

Optimize radiologist productivity by automatically incorporating a standardized and reproducible measure of breast density in the reading workflow.

Standardized results.

Facilitate consistent reporting with nation-wide legislation requiring women be informed of their breast density.

Increased confidence

Facilitate improved confidence regarding screening follow-up recommendations.

Monitor change

Precise percent breast density measures allow monitoring of density changes over time to further improve the ability to assess individual cancer risk.

Imaging wisely

Risk-based stratification of screen eligible women helps tailor follow-up screening protocols for more appropriate care.

  • Automated assessment
    Automatically analyzes “for presentation” images, performs breast density calculation, inserts results into the patient folder on PACS and sends to reading workstation.
  • Zero-click at point-of-care
    Enables a patient’s automated density assessment to be accessed at the point-of-care without a single click.
  • Current and prior
    Facilitates comparison of breast density between current and prior exams.
  • Seamless integration
    Integrates seamlessly into existing IT and modality infrastructures to enhance the workflow intelligence of PACS.

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“The breast density measurements generated by densitas densityai™ match my visual estimates closely. I have confidence in the reproducibility and consistency of the density measurement, and this is fundamental if decisions within breast screening programs about screening frequency or ancillary screening methods are made based on a woman’s degree of breast density.”

Dr. Sian Iles, Section Head, Breast Imaging, Central Zone, Nova Scotia Health Authority

“The flexibility of densitas densityai™ configuration permitted seamless and timely integration of the software into our workflow. Densitas continues to provide exceptional customer service. We look forward to working with them on new initiatives in the future.”

Nina R. PACS Admin