CT CoPilot from HealthLytix seamlessly integrates into an existing workflow to improve radiologist efficiency, measurement accuracy, and clinical confidence by automatically generating consistent views of head CT exams. HealthLytix products support preventive and targeted care and empower physicians with more accurate clinical decision-making tools.


Consistent views

Generates aligned reformatted images for standardized viewing of exams without modifying workflow.

Improved conspicuity

Easier to spot changes between exams, enabling a faster, more confident read.

Enhanced experience.

Leverages machine learning to provide objective and reliable quantitative metrics.

  • Automated alignment
    Automatically registers head CT images to a proprietary atlas and generates aligned reformatted images for standardized, consistent viewing of cases.
  • Automated subtraction maps
    Co-registers current and prior exams and generates a subtraction series for improved conspicuity of change over time.
  • Automated quantification
    Segments and quantifies lateral ventricle volume, calculates a midline shift index, and measures change in these metrics over time.

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“CT CoPilot quickly and automatically provides correctly aligned images, which enables me to read head CT scans faster and more confidently. It has increased my productivity and has become indispensable in my interpretation of head CTs.”

Nikdokht Farid, MD, Board-Certified Neuroradiologist, UCSD