A partner application on Blackford Platform™, icobrain provides an FDA-cleared and CE-marked solution for easy and reliable access to MRI biomarkers that indicate subclinical disease activity in multiple sclerosis, dementia and traumatic brain injury. This allows accelerated diagnosis, aids in facilitating the treatment selection and evaluation of treatment response.


Reduce time on suboptimal treatment for multiple sclerosis patients

Accurate assessment of brain atrophy and lesion evolution in MS allows the early evaluation of treatment response. This could realize a reduction of time on expensive suboptimal treatment from 3.9 years now to 1.3 years.

Accelerate the diagnosis of dementia patients and CT negative brain trauma patients

The diagnosis of dementia and head trauma depends on ability to assess local brain damage. With icobrain the brain atrophy and local abnormalities can be quantified reliably in relevant regions.

Save radiological reading time

The ever-increasing number of medical images puts a lot of pressure on radiologists. With icobrain, the reading of brain scans can be significantly reduced thanks to the seamless integration of reporting parameters and annotated images in the radiological workflow.

Improve consistency of radiological reading

Starting from objective and standardized measurements to monitor neurological disorders strongly improves the inter and intra rater variability of the radiological reading.


Objectively assess the lesion dissemination in space and time with icobrain ms

  • Detect and quantify new and enlarging FLAIR white matter hyperintensities.
  • Monitor the evolution of T1 white matter hypointensities.
  • Easily assess the total volumes of white matter abnormalities and their evolution.
  • Assess the lesion distribution graphs following the McDonald criteria.
  • Detect and measure contrast-enhancing lesions.

Measure precisely the brain atrophy with icobrain ms

  • Track the annualized brain volume change in order to assess disease progression.
  • Compare whole brain and gray matter volumes to an age- and gender-matched average brain volume of a healthy population.

Uncover abnormality patterns with icobrain dm

  • Quantify brain volumes in relevant brain structures in individual dementia patients.
  • Compare these brain volumes to an age- and gender-matched average brain volume of healthy population.
  • Easily interpret the atrophy pattern with a clear dementia signature.
  • Easily assess the total lesion burden.

Track the evolution of spatio-temporal brain atrophy with icobrain dm

  • Monitor closely the annual volume change and compare it to population graphs of unaffected control group.

Detect diffuse consequences of brain damage with icobrain tbi

  • Assess the state of the brain cortical and hippocampal volumes.
  • Measure brain volume changes (corrected for head size) and track yearly progression.
  • Compare volumes to an age- and gender-matched average of unaffected people.

Quantify localized brain injuries diffuse brain injuries with icobrain tbi

  • Assess volumes and volumes changes of traumatic axonal injuries.
  • Easily evaluate the impact of these localized injuries thanks to the division into different regions following the Adams-Gentry Classification.

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“In order to optimize individualized care and treatment efficacy, we have to understand how things change before permanent disability takes place. icobrain is a first step towards this goal.””

Dr. Mark Gudesblatt, M.D., Medical director of the Comprehensive MS Care Center at South Shore Neurologic Associates

“Like icobrain, brain biomarker measurements need to be extremely reproducible and sensitive enough to detect relevant clinical changes.”

Dr. Max Wintermark, Professor of Radiology and Chief of Neuroradiology at Stanford University Medical Center