Imaging Biometrics translates proprietary and sophisticated advances in medical imaging into intuitive analytical software solutions for routine clinical practice. The IB Software suite provides immediate and widespread access to the most advanced perfusion and diffusion technologies in a quantitative and automated manner, including:

  • IB Neuro™ for quantitative dynamic susceptibility contrast (DSC) MRI methods
  • IB Delta T1™ for quantitative difference maps (Delta T1)
  • IB Diffusion™ for generation of Apparent Diffusion Coefficient (ADC) maps
  • IB DCE™ for permeability and pharmacokinetic analysis


Clinically proven

The only perfusion module that enables automated output of quantitative perfusion parameter maps.


Regardless of scanner platform or field strength, timepoint, or patient, IB’s quantitative output makes longitudinal comparison possible.

True identification

Delta T1 maps provide quantitative and easy identification of TRUE regions of enhancement and TRUE regions of surgical resection.

  • IB Neuro
    • A proven-accurate contrast leakage correction algorithm
    • Quantitative analysis on a voxel-wise basis
    • Automated AIF determination
    • Ability to compute contrast leakage corrected and uncorrected maps
    • Export quality assurance information
  • IB Delta T1
    • Enables rapid and objective identification of true regions of enhancement
    • Delta T1 maps are quantitative
    • Removes confounding factors such as post-surgical blood products on post-contrast T1 images
  • IB Diffusion
    • Uses standard DWI datasets as inputs and generates an array of parameter maps as output
    • Includes ADC, IVIM, Extrapolated b-value, alpha diffusion, and distributed diffusion coefficient parameters.
  • IB DCE
    • Generate conventional parameters (initial slope, TTP, IAUC, Washout, etc.)
    • Also generates Ktrans, Kep, Ve, Vp using Tofts, Extended Tofts, and Patlak models.

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“I really enjoyed working with it [IB Neuro and the other plugins], it is very user-friendly and just beautifully made!”

Anja G van der Kolk, MD PhD, University of Wisconsin Hospitals and Clinics

“We appreciate the speed of IB products and their compatibility with PACs. More recently, we have started to use IB products for image-guided surgical planning. We anticipate their use for radiation therapy planning in the near future. Our Neurosurgeons, Radiation Oncologists and Neuro-oncologists find perfusion scans and delta T1 maps of the brain to be very useful, and now routinely write orders to obtain this information.”

Dr. Scott Rand, MD, PhD Froedtert and the Medical College of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, WI

“I have found the IB Neuro plugin to be a robust, accurate implementation of CBV algorithms cited in the literature. We have found CBV maps overlayed on contrast-enhanced or FLAIR images to be very useful for brain tumor analysis and follow-up.”

Dr. Jerrold Boxerman, MD, PhD Rhode Island Hospital