Medo Thyroid is an ultrasound diagnostic assistant designed to radically simplify the diagnosis of thyroid nodules as being benign or malignant. Developed by MEDO, the tool allows for faster and more accurate examinations. Exams which once took an expert radiologist 50 minutes can be completed in 10. Rather than acquiring several images, only a few sweeps are required.



Classify thyroid nodules more reliably, and in a fraction of the time for first, and follow up visits.


Achieve improved efficiency gains via standard sweep scanning and automated analysis rather than individual images.


Generate objective, standardized measurements and TI-RADS scores across all clinical users.


Let AI handle the tedious aspects and make the examination process much more standardized and objective.


Medo Thyroid features

  • Automated
    Save sweeps of each thyroid lobe, which are automatically analyzed to present the most relevant image of the nodule.
  • Measure
    Automated lobe, nodule, and isthmus measurement, while cross referencing sagittal and longitudinal planes.
    Automated Thyroid Imaging Reporting & Data System scoring.
  • Analyze
    Calculates actual volumetric data required for TI-RADS scoring by segmenting the nodule across all images in the sweep.


““With Medo, scanning went from 3+ minutes scanning time down to 1 minute. So a greater than 60% reduction in scanning time is compelling.””